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At Prestige Healthcare Resources, we believe it’s important to keep you informed about things which can affect your health.
We hope you find these videos beneficial.

Keep All Your Ducks in a Row
Three tips for keeping your loved ones health care information in order.

Get Parents Involved
Learn to involve your parents their health care decisions.

Get Loved Ones Involved In Their Care
Learn three 3 tips to successfully get your loved one involved in his or her own health care.

February is American Heart Month
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death. Learn what Heart Disease is, some of the risk factors and how you can prevent it.

Starting the Tough Conversations
Some conversations are difficult to have with your parents and loved ones, but they’re important ones. This video provides important tips on how to start those tough conversations.

Important Questions
There are many questions you need to ask your loved ones before it’s too late. This video highlights three important ones.

January was National Glaucoma Awareness Month.
In this video, Prestige Founder John Smith shares important information about the disease, and how you can protect your vision.