Slide To support our Clients in living a vibrant, comfortable and dignified life OUR MISSION: To support our Clients in living a vibrant, comfortable and dignified life To support our Clients in living a vibrant, comfortable and dignified life


Providing compassion and care isn’t just our profession at Prestige Healthcare Resources.  It’s our passion, and it’s our culture.

That starts from the top. Our founder, John S. Smith came to the U.S. from the war-torn African nation of Liberia. Shortly after arriving, he was badly injured in a job-related accident.  After having emergency surgery, he received such wonderful care, he decided to provide that same quality healthcare to others and became a registered nurse.

That’s a big difference between Prestige and other home care providers. Many are run like bottom-line businesses, owned by people with no healthcare background. Some are even local franchises of a national company.

You’ll find John’s passion throughout the people of Prestige. It’s a culture of caring.

Our employees have developed not just a working relationship with their patients, but a personal relationship as well. One built on trust, respect, quality care, and even friendship. Our caregivers treat their patients the way they would want their own loved ones to be treated. Our case files are filled with examples of our employees going above and beyond their responsibilities, and making sure they don’t just meet their patients’ needs, they anticipate what will be needed next.

We’ve built long-term relationships with our clients because our caregivers have built long-term relationships with their patients.
You can rely on us for a comprehensive goal-based care plan, tailored to your unique situation and specific needs, and designed to evolve as your needs change.

Exceptional customer service is our standard.


CEO/President, John S. Smith, Jr., received his calling to become a nurse in 2001 after undergoing emergency surgery for life-threatening injuries. His medical and nursing staff showed him they cared about him, and provided truly compassionate care until he made a full recovery. “After recovery, I was determined to give back and made a vow to become a nurse and provide the same high quality healthcare I received when I was a patient,” Smith says. He became a registered nurse and began working at hospitals and other medical facilities.

John has extensive experience caring for cardiac, psychiatric, hospice, stroke and surgical patients. After working in many different areas of nursing, he realized his true passion was in community nursing, where he could have the greatest impact on his surroundings.