Caring for a loved one suffering from dementia can take a huge toll on a family. It’s difficult and it’s depressing. As Alzheimer’s Disease progresses, communication becomes more difficult, and as patients lose memory and motor skills, there are many physical as well as emotional challenges.

For many families, the goal is to keep their loved one in their own home, in familiar surroundings.

Prestige Healthcare Resources provides the compassionate care Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients need, and also meet the needs of the family.

Our goal-based care plans are specifically tailored to your needs, and will evolve as those needs change.


Who will make healthcare and/or financial decisions when the person is no longer able to do so?
If your loved one is still lucid enough, getting their wishes down on paper means they’ll be preserved and respected by all members of the family. There should be a power of attorney, both for finances and for healthcare. If your loved one has already significantly declined, you may need to apply for guardianship/conservatorship. An elder care attorney can assist you in this process.

Where will they live?
You’ll need to determine if their own home is still suitable to their physical and mental difficulties, both currently and as their needs change. Sometimes homes can be adapted. If they live alone, they will require more care. Is relocating to live with a family member a viable option? For many patients a facility may eventually be the best option.

How will all their care needs be met?
Caregiving is a huge commitment and huge challenge. Eventually, an Alzheimer’s patient might require round-the-clock care. Family members can only do so much, especially when there are medical needs. And as much as we would like to always be there for our loved one, we have our own commitments, such as jobs and the needs of our own families.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients have special needs, and caring for them poses unique challenges.
Let Prestige help your family get through this difficult time.