Elderly Care in Rockville MD

With age comes a change in how we digest our food. Elderly adults suffer from the biggest changes in their digestion, causing them to often become constipated or suffer from indigestion and other stomach problems. There are a number of factors that could affect the elder’s ability to digest their food, including medications they are taking, not being physically active, or having problems with their oral hygiene.

With the support and encouragement from an elderly care provider, they can change their digestive system for the better by following these tips.

  • Drink more. Staying hydrated is extremely important for the body. Water can prevent the senior from becoming constipated, and can even be more effective when combined with fiber. In the other hand, if the elder is drinking coffee or tea, they could become dehydrated.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Older adults who stick to a healthy diet will not only maintain a healthy weight, but will also digestive problems if their diet is filled with high calorie meals and snacks. These unhealthy choices could also lead to overrating, causing the elder to develop heartburn or indigestion.
  • Eat plenty of fiber. Fiber is an excellent nutrient that can help prevent constipation. It works by making bowel movements easier to release. Nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables are all excellent sources of fiber.
  • Get active. When your loved one is feeling bloated or constipated, exercise can be an effective cure.t will keep the blood vessels healthy in order to prevent any digestive issues. Swimming, biking, dancing, or walking are just a few ideas you can try with the elder./li>
  • Stay stress-free. Being completely void of any stress may be an impossible task for the elder, but their stress levels should remain low when possible. Too much stress can cause an uptick in gastric acid, which could cause your loved one to develop heartburn or indigestion. Yoga or meditation can be done to lower stress levels and release feel-good endorphins./li>
  • Take care of your smile. The oral health of older adults could impact the health of their digestive system. Healthy teeth make it easier to chew one’s food in order to break it down as a way to better digest it. When a senior’s teeth are not properly cared for, they are unable to break down their food in order to properly digest it. As long as they get regular dental checkups and floss and brush daily, they will not have to worry about these dental issues.

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