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After spending countless hours providing the care a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease needs, being a family caregiver can feel lonely at times. This is especially true if you are the only caregiver Home-Care-in-Chevy-Chase-MDfor the elder. Having a strong support system is important for your emotional and physical well-being. These people will be able to offer help when needed and will also give you someone to talk to and share your frustrations. If you do not yet have a support system to lean on, here are some ways to get one.

  • Ask for assistance. Your family and friends can’t read your mind, so they probably are unaware that you are in need of help. The best way to let them know is by asking for help. Contact other family members, friends, and neighbors who you think will be willing to help. You may also want to get assistance from a professional home care provider.
  • Enhance your caregiving skills. If there is a workshop in your area for Alzheimer’s caregivers, make sure to go. These workshops, seminars, or conferences will not only give you more valuable information on caring for your loved one, but you will also be able to meet other caregivers you can connect with.
  • Find a support group. Another great way to meet people who understand your caregiving situation is to join a support group. Support groups will give you and other caregivers a chance to share advice, stories, or ask for help for certain situations.
  • Research local resources. Most communities have resources for caregivers, so do a little digging to find out what is available to you. The first place to start is by contacting or checking the website of a local Alzheimer’s organization. They will be able to give you advice, while also offering the support you need, both on the phone and face-to-face.
  • Take care of yourself. Taking care of your own health needs is just important as that of the elder. When you eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest, you will be in a much more positive state of mind. This positive outlook will also make a huge difference in how you care for the elder.
  • Manage your stress. Staying relaxed, even in the most frustrating situations, will boost your mood and patience. Try yoga, deep breathing exercises, or meditation to calm your nerves when you are feeling stressed.

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be challenging, but these tips will help you build the support system needed to give your loved one the help they need.

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