Whether it’s the result of surgery, stroke, or any medical issue, transitioning from a hospital or rehab facility to life back home can be challenging both for the patient and their family. In-home care is often needed, sometimes for a lengthy period of time.

When someone is recovering from surgery, they often have bandages that need changing, stitches or staples to monitor, are uncomfortable or in pain, and have limited mobility or lack the ability to perform normal daily routines.


From nursing and other medical care to therapy, rehabilitation services, and whatever other care is needed, Prestige offers a complete care package.

Our transition team will assist you every step of the way. It starts before you leave the hospital or other facility. We have a designated Liaison staff which meets with the patient or their family, collaborates with the discharge planner or social worker, and provides a free comprehensive home assessment.

Once home, our nurses and other staff will assist with pain management, dressing and bathing, physical therapy, and if necessary, cooking and other household responsibilities.


When a stroke patient returns home, their home environment can greatly impact their recovery.

From more severe effects such as paralysis and memory loss, to weakness, lack of balance or coordination, or numerous other problems, a stroke can change the way a patient functions in their home.

Prestige provides a free home modification assessment, and we will put together a care plan that meets all the needs of the patient and the family.

Whatever your needs, and whatever type of facility you’re coming home from, Prestige will make your transition as easy as possible.